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LAGOS ANGLICAN SEMINARY, LAGOS, an affiliate of Lagos State University, is a Lagos Ecclestestical Province Seminary. Our focus is to prepare university graduate or equivalent for qualitative ministerial training for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church. The College run several programme for both Clergy and Laity for the ministry of the Church. By extension we prapare men and women for Sunday School work, Youth work, Hospital and Prison Ministry

ETERNAL FATHER, we thank you for the gift of your only-begotten Son who has been made a blessing for mankind through His redeeming love. By His grace we have been called to go out into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Grants us, we pray, that this college may be a citadel of knowledge and spiritual preparation to us your disciples. Being guided by the Holy Spirit, may we go out to be channels o blessing to the flock put in our charge, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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At LAGOS ANGLICAN SEMINARY, LAGOS, we stand on strong Biblical and ethical principles to raise firebrand clergy through qualitative education.

Continuing Education

To provide continuing education for the clergy and laity for the ministry of the Church; in affiliation with recognized University.

Tent Making Education

To offer theological education by extension (TEE) towards Ordination, Youth work, Sunday School work, Hospital and prison Chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Training

To offer specialised training in Youth work, Sunday School, Hospital and Prison Chaplaincy. etc. and management training.

Maximizing God-given Potentials

We bring out from every clergyman maximum God-given potentials and talents for the benefit of the development of our churches.

Quality Seminars

To assist the visitors in organizing Seminars, Clergy Retreats and Priesthood Examination.

Solid Foundation

Laying of Solid foundation for the fulfilment of God-given destinies, in various professions and careers without recourse to shameful and ungodly acts and practices.

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You can always trust us with your clergy and laity at LAGOS ANGLICAN SEMINARY, LAGOS because we are a delight to God and a blessing to humanity.


To provide quality theological education that can compete with other seminary.

Total Clergy

To foster intellectual, social, physical and moral development in Clergy and laity.

Christian Life

To develop and build up godly characters in the Clergy thus empowering them for the ministry.

Self Reliance

To make every clergy a self-reliant priest and a disciplined man of God.

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