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(Lecture by Rev. Canon Dr. Olusiji O. Kolawole Tuesday 23rd January, 2018)


Definition of Health

Dictionary Definition: The state of being free from illness or injury

Synonyms: Good physical condition, healthiness, fitness, physical fitness, well-being, good shape

WHO Definition: In its 1948 constitution, the World Health Organization defined health in its broader sense thus: HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

BEING FREE FROM ILLNESS: There are Ten Principles

1. Principle of Education: Get wisdom. We need more Education than Medication
2. Principle of Elimination: Identify the foods that are harmful to your health and those that are beneficial to your health. Sugar has replaced Cholesterol as public health enemy number one.
3. Principle of Moderation: Be moderate in all things – food, drink, work. Minimize stress, Organize well. It is good to work hard but better still to work smart.
4. Principle of Detoxification: Drink a lot of water. Water is the best drink.
5. Principle of Nourishment: Eat a lot of fruits and natural food.
Take your food as medicine now, so you won’t have to take medicine as food in the future.
Take breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and supper like a pauper.
6. Principle of Hygiene, Exercise and Rest: Accept when you are tired; Know your limit; Take your vacation.
7. Principle of Preventive Medicine: Immunisations for the children; Good Ante-natal.
8. Care for the pregnant wife; Regular Medical Check-up; Early Diagnosis and Prompt Treatment.
9. Principle of Positive Social Outlook: Relate well; Keep good and godly associations; Avoid toxic relationships; Forgive easily; Laugh; Accept your weaknesses and limitations; Be grateful; Rejoice in the Lord always.
10. Principle of Spiritual Wellbeing: 3 John:2 NKJV – Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. Be prayerful.
11. Principle of Facing Reality – If illness comes, manage it, accept the reality of the situation and do not live in denial. God will not give by miracle what he has given by knowledge. Medical knowledge is part of God’s gift to mankind. However, you may sometimes need a second opinion – Beware of Doctors!

It can take several years of carelessness to prepare for one second of accident

Keep the environment safe, watching out for home accident risks such as ditches; manholes; wells; electrical outlets; loose electrical wires; generator plugs; cooking gas; banana peels; slippery bathrooms; dangerous chemicals, rat poison.

Keeping drugs out of reach of children;

Guarding against kitchen accidents – hot water, hot oil, fire e.g. insecticides should be kept out of the kitchen. Kitchen gloves are useful tools, mostly ignored.

1. Take your food as medicine now, so you won’t have to take medicine as food in the future.
2. Take breakfast as a king, lunch as a common man and supper as a pauper. 3. Water is the best drink.
4. Fear of certain diseases kills faster than the physical effect of the ailment.
5. It is good to work hard but better still to work smart.
6. Take personal responsibility for your health and well-being as well as the health and well being of your wife and children.




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